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DBS first Singapore bank to allow secure third party access to your bank accounts?

I got a email notification from PageOnce this morning to use their iPhone client. PageOnce is a web 2.0 personal finance site, which means you can aggregate your financial data there.

PageOnce like most finance website are US investors oriented. Why I say that is because they let you aggregate all your saving banks data in one place so that you can better manage it.

Think of it as if you want to aggregate OCBC,UOB,DBS and MAYBANK accounts in one view to see you networth or track spending patterns.

Most of these banks will post this msg:

Bundle lets you quickly and securely add accounts from most financial institutions. Start by searching for your financial institution below. If you need to add a new account to a financial institution you are already managing on Bundle, click Edit/Add account on that institution.

I normally will get out of this site once I see something like this since I thought it only caters to US folks but today I tried entering “DBS” and behold!

I thought this is a fluke so I happen to chance upon another finance platform today.

Bundle is a US personal finance site that aggregates your accounts and provide you with a glimpse of how people around your income group or age group spend their money.

Take a look when I tried searching for DBS

I have no such luck with UOB or OCBC bank. I even tried their full name.

Looks like DBS bank have a one up versus the other 2 banks. This concept is still not very popular in Asia, but is a step forward.

Would I let third party applications have access to this data? probably not now.


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Monday 5th of March 2012

Good Info. Thanks a ton. Just asked xero to include DBS as well.


Wednesday 30th of March 2011

Wow this is really interesting. I'll try it out too. Been waiting for local banks to implement it. I'm not too optimistic abt uob...

They've yet to provide an iPhone app. Lol

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