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Introducing my Dividend Stock Tracker

How it came about

It started off with a frustration that i had whenever i use my excel sheet to keep track of my dividend stocks and other not-so-good dividend stocks. The frustration was that whenever i see a stock that was sold down pretty badly, i had to find the stock price and key it into my excel sheet, then i need to find the current market cap so that my excel sheet would just compute.

The dividend stock tracker aim to be useful for people that are interested in forming a portfolio of income investments for high yield investing or investment income.

What is the Dividend Stock Tracker

Dividend Stock Tracker tracks a list of dividend stocks that are listed on the SGX. They can be:

  • Business Trusts
  • REITs
  • Utilities and Infrastructure stocks
  • Telecommunication stocks
  • Blue Chips
  • Others

The prices of these stocks will be updated daily at the end of each day. The data will be recomputed and the new ratios and yields will be displayed.

Some of the fundamental data covered are:

  • Operating Cashflow
  • Dividend Yield
  • PE and Earnings Yield
  • Operating Cashflow Yield and Free Cashflow Yield
  • Price-to-book ratio
  • Return Premium
  • Debt/Asset
  • % Payout
  • % Cash holding of Assets

You may have observed that not all are displayed on the main table, thats because i can’t put everything into a small table.

Clicking on the name of each stock will display more detail information.

Moderating Dividend Payout

You would have notice that some of the yields are quite different from what brokerage houses display. This is because the yields are moderated by me. One time special dividends and dividends that seems unsustainable are moderated downwards so that it doesn’t give people an impression that if you buy now your yield will be that much.

So that is why Courage Marine’s payout is much less than what they paid out last year. I used an average payout for that.


For Stocks whose balance sheet data are in USD or RMB for example, i will use an exchange conversion. Most of the balance sheet data are thus like what they display in their annual report. E.g. Hongwei’s Total assets in this case is in RMB.

Balance Sheet Data

Balance Sheet Data are updated annually except for assets and debts which are updated quarterly


I hope its useful to� you as an investor. You can access my dividend stock tracker by clicking on the link next to the home.

You can read more about the metrics that i use in my dividend stock tracker here.

Take a look at the dividend tracker >>


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Saturday 30th of October 2010

no way, is this for real


Wednesday 7th of October 2009

Hi Drizzit,

Your have a good informative website. I wonder where and how you got your information. I would also want to do something like yours myself.

Hope you can enlighten me.


Friday 29th of August 2008

Ah ok, I understand. Thanks for the explanation, Drizzit! :)


Thursday 28th of August 2008

hi king meng! the dividend used is 14.6 cents, which is paid out in 2007 from SGX. that is less the capital reduction. i believe they should be able to pay out similarly this year. there is still time for one more massive payout.

as for the eps, i calculate abit differently. i actually did not calculate the eps but used 2007 net profit divide by market capitalisation. since no of shares outstanding would likely be different, it might explain the difference.


Thursday 28th of August 2008

Hi Drizzt,

This is a very interesting piece.



This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.